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 Original Japanese rice crackers  or just  Japanese Mix
Nowadays all rice crackers are being sold as 'Japanese' rice crackers. This cannot be avoided according to today's laws. It is the same problem with Belgium chocolate or Swiss watches for example. Reason why producers often name the origin of products, is to give an indication about the quality of the product. Like chocolates from Belgium are famous for their outstanding quality, or Swiss watches are said to be among the best watches in the world.  However, actually people only can expect the real profit of the quality, indicated as original, if a chocolate product is really made in a Belgium chocolate factory or a watch is really made in Switzerland in a Swiss watch factory.

History of Japanese rice crackers in Europe
At the late 70ties rice crackers from Japan has been introduced to the European market. These savory snacks are well known preferred snacks along with a glass of beer or as a simple snack to eat in front of the television, etc. According to some people, however, real Japanese rice crackers must be considered as a true delicates.

During the 80ties more and more cheap imitations of the real Japanese rice crackers entered the markets. These imitations were firstly made in low salary countries as Korea, later it shifted to Taiwan, Thailand and nowadays 90% of the rice crackers are coming from China. As it often appears, low price, does also in this case not mean better taste. The Chinese rice crackers are not made, like the Japanese, of the finest, special selected ingredients, but always with inferior raw materials in order to maintain low costs. Therefore other types of rice, and other brands of soy sauces, etc... are used. Also the making is not according to the traditional way (handcraftship), like the Japanese are still using, but the Chinese prefer mass production.

The Difference
Nowadays, often only lovers of the traditional real Japanese rice crackers can see the difference between real Japanese rice crackers and Chinese or other imitations of Japanese rice crackers at the outside of a cracker. However, in order to taste the difference, someone does not need to be a pro to notice the superiority of the taste of real Japanese rice crackers.

Nevertheless, we must admit, that there is market for these inferior rice snacks compared to the real Japanese rice crackers, as there will always be a group of consumers choosing for quantity instead of quality. Maybe it can, in some way, be compared with, to prefer driving a mass production Chinese car instead of driving a Porsche sports car.  

What to be aware of
In order to be sure that you will buy real Japanese rice crackers and excellent taste, always convince yourself, that it is said on the packaging 'real Japanese' or 'made in Japan'.  Only than you can be sure that you will buy a quality product.  You can also always look for 'Okaki' brand rice crackers which is our Japanese brand and stands for the best quality of Japanese rice crackers. Okaki rice crackers are even in Japan known as the best rice crackers!

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